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                we are :                                 DACC  Exective BOard                       2019/2020                                                       

 President : Jette Williams


 Treasure : Jason Luros

 Board  Member:  Christopher Sharpe

 Board member: Kevin Sørensen

 Board Member : Brandy Benjamin

 Board Member: Søren Rasmussen

Superior Travel is a fully accredited travel agency specializing in business and leisure travel to and from Scandinavia

Bank of the West is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, a global leader in financial services and one of the world's six highest rated banks. Bank of the West understands the financial challenges that you, as an expatriate face – like securing credit so you can find a place to live, furnish your home and purchase a car.The International Clientele Department is a team of Bank of the West specialists dedicated to helping expatriates in the U.S. Their multiple backgrounds and language skills help them build international client-specific solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities facing international clients whether they are individuals or small businesses.

Lending products including mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards, and car loans are subject to credit approval, and there is no guarantee you will receive a loan. 

Certain fees and restrictions may apply.

Advant Partners LLC is a San Francisco & Copenhagen based Strategy Consulting firm specializing in assisting European technology and high growth companies enter the US market

ICDK offers a flexible plug and play solution for companies who are looking for a platform in Silicon Valley. Not exclusively focused on start-ups, ICDK helps companies get access to resources, services and facilities, making it easier for them to get started and focus on their business. ICDK gives companies access to a vast network of important contacts in Silicon Valley.

Martensen Wright PC is a full service law firm that works toward a single purpose:  serving Scandinavian clients doing business in the U.S.  With native speakers from Denmark and Sweden and Martensen Wright PC is especially well-suited to assist Danish clients with their legal needs     

Bilgart Design is an award winning interior design business in Marin County, specializing in bathrooms and kitchens

Danish American Chamber of Commerce of Northern California
28 Anita Rd • Burlingame CA
+1 650 644 8997       Email: info@daccncal.com

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